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Statistical analysis is the processing and presentation of data about user actions and interactions on websites and apps (e.g. number of page visits, number of unique visitors, number of returning visitors, entry and exit pages, length of stay, bounce rate, activation of buttons) and, if applicable the division of users into groups based on technical data about the software settings used (e.g. browser type, operating system, language setting, screen resolution).


Reach measurement is the evaluation of visitor actions by analyzing usage behavior in relation to determining certain user actions and measuring the effectiveness of online advertising. Actions measured include the number of visitors that reach websites or apps by clicking on ads. The rate of users performing a specific action (e.g. registration for the newsletter, ordering goods) can also be measured.


Certain features of websites and apps are used to show users personalised advertising material (ads or commercials) in other contexts, such as on other websites, platforms or apps. To this end, conclusions are drawn about the interests of users from demographic information, search terms used, contextual content, user behaviour on websites and in apps or from the location of users. On the basis of these interests, advertising material is chosen and displayed on online content of other providers in the future.