A series of beautifully designed places in some of Europe’s most exciting cities, where you can stay, live and be free. We are a new hospitality brand with an established history as part the House of Julius Meinl, a multifaceted family-run company that began life in 1862 when our founder, Julius Meinl I opened his first grocery store in Vienna. Today, we combine our 160-year legacy with a spirit of innovation to develop, operate, and create dynamic, authentic, and intimate spaces in vibrant neighbourhoods. Places for living in, where you can connect with the local community and, best of all, where you have the flexibility to explore and the freedom to just be.

We are conveniently located on Senovažne namesti 3, in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, amid some of the city’s most historic landmarks while being right at the crossroads of all public transportation. That means we are easily accessible from all directions, including the airport, which is only a 30-minute drive away, and the main train station Praha hlavní nádraží, which is within 10-minutes walking distance. The property is also located a short stroll from the historic city centre, making it quick and easy to get to the office or to a business meeting.


Distance from Václav Havel Prague Airport: 17 km / 10,5 miles
Main Train Station: 0,6 km / 0,3 miles
Main Bus Station (Florenc): 1 km / 0,6 miles


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